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The Maxwell's Foot Club is a club-card program that we have offered our valued customers for over 25 years!

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With each purchase of a regular priced footwear, one is able to receive a stamp on their Foot Club card. One (1) stamp is awarded per pair of regular priced footwear purchased. After receiving a total of four (4) stamps, the card holder is entitled to receive any* one (1) product (footwear, handbag, etc.) at 50% off of the regular price.


  1. Stamps may only be given at time of purchase.
  2. If a product that received a stamp is returned, the stamp must also be voided off the Foot Club card. 
  3. Stamps don't have to be all on one card! Foot Club cards can be combined together to be redeemed towards the 50% off product. 
  4. A full Foot Club card consists of 4 Stamps.
  5. A Foot Club card can only allows a  50% off the regular price of an item, and cannot be combined with any in-store sales or discounts.
    If an item has been discounted, the card holder may purchase the item at 50% off of the regular price - but may not redeem the card towards 50% off the sale price.
  6. Stamps are only given on regular priced footwear. Tax Free products are not eligible for a stamp. 
  7. Lost Foot Club cards are not replaceable.
  8. Blundstone products are not redeemable with the Foot Club program as per Blundstone company policy. 


Purchasing more than one item, and want to redeem your Foot Club card? The 50% off discount is always used towards the most expensive item in your purchase! 

The Foot Club Card may only be redeemed in-store.

*Terms and Conditions may apply. 

The Foot Club program is subject to change. 
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